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Assurance of
Nickel Compliance

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Testing Results

The regulations entitled "The Dangerous Substances and Preparations (Nickel) (Safety) Regulations 2005" clearly require that any finding component that pierces the skin may not release more than .2 micrograms of nickel per cubic centimeter per week, and that no other jewelry component release no more than .5 micrograms of nickel per cubic centimeter per week. Note that these regulations do not prohibit the use of nickel in jewelry components, but rather limits the amount to which a person may be exposed.

Nickel exposure is tested under BS EN12472 and BS EN 1811:1999. The first of these separate tests replicates two years of wear under normal use, and the second tests for subsequent exposure to nickel.

TierraCast Compliance


TierraCast has repeatedly submitted a variety of representative samples of its cast pewter product line for nickel testing under BS EN12472 and BS EN 1811:1999 protocol. The test results continue to confirm that TierraCast gold, silver, brass, copper and black plated cast pewter components comply with the Nickel Safety Regulation of 2005. These finishes are indicated in our catalog with part numbers that end in -11, -12, -13, -25, 26 and -27. Unfortunately at this time, rhodium finishes (-60 and -61) do not yet comply with the nickel directive. We continue to work with various plating facilities here in the United States to develop a rhodium finish that will allow our full cast product line to comply with this standard.