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I like the Nisshu and Maldive Larin coin drops. Do you have any information on the coins themselves?


Both of these parts are copies of actual antique coins that were chosen for their interesting appearance, not for any special significance.

The Larin is actually a 1/4 Larin denomination coin from the Maldive Islands in the Indian Ocean and was minted in the years just before 1900 AD under the rule of Ibrahim Nur Al-Din Iskandar. The population of the Maldives was converted to Islam in 1153 AD, hence the inscriptions on the coin are in Arabic.

The Nisshu coin, originally minted in an alloy of 70.2% silver and 298% gold, was used in Japan around the Meiji period of the mid 1800s. Its full name is Tempo Nishu Kin. These coins were some of the few rectangular coins to be issued in history.

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