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Strength & Beauty

An inspired collection of buttons and charms

TierraCast® is excited to present our new Strength & Beauty button and charm collection. Once again this collection is inspired by You. It was You who imagined smaller buttons using images from our existing designs, and You who suggested most of the new symbols!

The new charm symbols are ancient, iconic and powerful images of personal spirit, strength and determination. From the ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus, to the Recovery Circle and Triangle, this collection of six symbols have been found across many cultures and through many centuries of human society.

Our new mini buttons measure approximately 12mm in diameter and embrace four of the most popular symbols from our You collection: Bird in Tree, Heart, Om and Lotus. Plus we have three new button designs. Two are influenced by vintage Czech motifs and the third is a Swarovski® #2088 SS34 button bezel for you to add your own sparkly flatback crystal, or to buy pre-glued with a clear crystal.

We love these images and the deeper meanings they represent. They invoke protection, empowerment and just plain good juju!