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Toggles & Cord Ends that
Support Fearless Creativity

TierraCast is excited to announce our newest
product group: The Maker's Collection. Inspired
by Maker culture, this line of endings opens up
practical finishing options for a wide range of

In a way, this product line has been in
development for over 35 years. In fact, the two
owners first met when Alan Joseph visited
Steven Tierra to see about having his cord
ends manufactured in sterling. Steve's
response was, "well, that's tricky," which has
been our running response to customers too.

That is, until now. Exploring new approaches to
old dilemmas, our new turned brass cord ends
are here at last. These new parts are custom
manufactured in China and finished in the
United States to meet our design
specifications. They come in finishes to match
our entire product range, and four sizes to
allow a wide array of materials: 2mm cord,
kumihimo, Viking knit and multi-strand designs
featuring seed beads, pewter beads, leather
and more.

The Maker's Collection also includes five new
Toggle Sets. These bench jeweler style toggles
come in four popular finishes and are perfect
partners for our new cord ends. Their
hand-hammered textures and graduated sizes
make them excellent closures for DIY-inspired
jewelry creations.