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Leather Findings

Leather Crafting Meets Jewelry
Making with this New Line

Everyone loves leather, but it isn’t exactly
easy to work with. Our new collection was engineered to remove the technical hurdles that get in the way of designing with leather. But the components work great with ribbon, cotton cord, rubber cord, pleather and faux suede too.

What's New?

Spacers & Barrel Beads: Designed with holes to accommodate 1.5 to 2mm leather cord, our spacer beads are modeled after some of our most popular designs. Our new Barrel Beads are wide enough to allow two or three passes of cord — and they can be crimped with a simple pair of pliers!

Separator Bars: These are large hole (leather-ready) versions of a classic TierraCast part. Perfect for corralling multi-strand designs.

Links: Our new, slightly curved links are great as they are, yet easily altered with or without tools. Bend them, stamp them, color them — TierraCast's strong but soft pewter makes these fashionable parts very versatile, and their holes are perfectly sized for attaching to leather with our new Rivets.

Rivets: Our custom-made, jewelry quality, compression Rivets were engineered to fit our parts, and finished to match our colors perfectly. They are also incredibly easy to use with basic tools. A few simple whacks, and snap, you're done!

Endings: To wrap it up, the Leather Findings Collection also includes a wide variety of closure options. Our Slide w/Loop makes it easy to finish a strap or ribbon design, while our Strap Tip is a perfect ending for thicker materials like flat leather. Our Classic and Z Hooks are focal quality components, that also work beautifully as closures. And finally, our new Snap Caps are decorative elements that embellish common snap sizes with just a simple dab of E-6000.