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Designer Collection

A Creative Mix of Textured &
Elegant Structural Components

Form follows function in our Designer
Collection. Comprised of textured and elegant
components that are both architectural and
versatile, this line acts like building blocks to
express yourself creatively.

What's New?

Textured Disks (& a Cross): Thin, but strong is one way to describe these light and adaptable parts. Use them as buttons, sequins, sew-ons, and spacers. Rivet them, bend them, stamp them, punch holes in them – they are perfect for altered part techniques. Their shapes and textures lend the them a hand-made look, but with TierraCast’s attention to quality and consistency.

D Rings: Our new D Rings are multipurpose parts that can serve as both closures and links. They work with a wide range of materials — from multi-strands of seed beads, to ribbon, to chain, to leather. Use them to close off a bracelet, or make a gorgeous set of earrings.

Rivoli Frames: We’ve added new sizes of rivoli frames with these 11mm, 14mm and 18mm faceted drops and links. Though engineered to fit Swarovski rivolis, these parts also serve as foundations for mix-media creations using resins, two-part epoxy clays, found objects and more.

Trefoils & Teardrops: The Designer Collection also debuts a series of classically elegant teardrop and trefoil frame drops. A generous loop at the top leaves room for two jump rings allowing for no-fuss pendants and earrings; and the open frame is easy to dress up with crystal pendants, or dress down with beautiful earthy gemstones. These are very much multi-use parts. You can also use them as links, drops or as the frame of your next mixed media project.