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Traditional Symbols of Love
Continuity & Interconnectedness

TierraCast celebrates the endless,
interwoven knotwork of ancient European
traditions in our new Celtic Collection — a line
of 14 components that embraces these mystical
symbols of interconnectedness, love
and friendship.

What's New?

Pendants & Drops: Our new Open Heart,
Triskele and Claddagh are stunning, precise
designs that show off TierraCast’s trademark
casting quality. These components come in two
sizes and, like all the other parts in this
collection, three finishes (Silver Antique, Gold
Antique and Copper Antique).

End Bar & Slide: Featuring elegant interlaced
knots, these delicate, yet bold findings offer a
sophisticated way to finish designs using
TierraCast’s popular 1/2” leather strap, as well
as similar sized ribbon and seed bead panels.

Closures: Celtic knots might be endless, but
you still need to finish your design, so jewelry
makers will be pleased with our new Claddagh
closure, and three unique buttons that give the
perfect ending to any Celtic design.

This is a special collection for us because it
takes us back to our roots and to the heart of
our earliest designs. Our very first Celtic
components were introduced in our first ever
product introduction. Talk about coming full