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Beginnings &
Endings Collection

Unique Clasps, Hooks & Links
for Infinite Design Possibilities

Our innovative Beginnings & Endings
Collection was created to provide subtle,
versatile findings that complement rather than
overwhelm your jewelry designs.

What's New?

End Bars: TierraCast’s 3-, 6-, 9-, and
12-hole End Bars give beaders plentiful
choices for bead weaving, multi-media,
micro-macramé, and stringing designs. They
are also visually versatile with one smooth
and one textured side.

Infinity Link: Incorporating mathematical
and mystical themes of limitlessness, the
Infinity is an ageless, fashionable symbol
whose time has come around again.
TierraCast’s design is a multi-purpose link
which can serve as the foundation for funky
chain, or be simply highlighted on its own.

E Hooks: Conceived by jewelry designer
Jean Campbell and refined by TierraCast
product developers, these innovative
closures have a curved lip that keeps your
design securely clasped. Created with either
1/2” or 3/4” slots, these E Hooks are sleek,
uncomplicated options for seed beads,
leather, ribbon and other wide materials.

New D-Ring Links & Clasp Set Sizes: First
featured in our Designer Collection,
TierraCast’s popular D Rings now come in
two new sizes. These additions offer more
options for designs featuring leather, chain,
ribbon, multi-strands, and seed beads (up to
and including size 11).