Information at Your Fingertips

TierraCast is committed to developing and maintaining information about a range of topics related to both the jewelry trade in general, and TierraCast in particular. In this section we've categorized information from our existing resources, and will continue to add new details to help our customers stay well informed. We hope the following sections are beneficial and welcome your feedback.

We've reprinted our dictionary-like listing of many terms common in the jewelry trade, with links to sources of related materials.
This is a compilation of past and present in-house articles on a variety of topics. Here you'll find data on legislation limiting lead in jewelry, past news articles, and in the future, even trip reports from our sales staff.
We present our own version of Frequently Asked Questions. Search for answers to questions already addressed, or pose new questions to TierraCast.
At TierraCast we aggressively defend our copyrights for the original designs we develop. This section contains essential information on the nature of copyright, TierraCast's ongoing efforts to remove illegal copies from the marketplace, and links to external sources for valuable copyright information. We've also included a handy visual reference of designs for which TierraCast claims copyright protection from unauthorized copying.