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TierraCast MSDS

TierraCast pewter products do not require Material Safety Data Sheets because they do not contain materials "that may create a hazardous exposure during their use" and, as such, also are exempt from the regulations of the Standards as they meet the definition of “articles” as outlined below.

The following is a quote from Patricia K. Clark, Acting Director, formerly of the Directorate of Compliance Programs OSHA:

"On November 25, 1985, OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) became effective. The standard requires that chemical manufacturers and importers assess the hazards of the chemicals and products they sell. The HCS has recently been expanded to include all workers exposed to hazardous substances in all industrial sectors, not just those in the manufacturing sector covered under the original standard.

Under the HCS, manufacturers of chemicals or materials that may create a hazardous exposure during their use are to provide hazard information through warning labels affixed to all containers of their products and through the provision of material safety data sheets (MSDSs) to all downstream recipients or users of their products."

In addition, please note this quote from Patrick R. Tyson , formerly Acting Assistant Secretary OSHA :

"It is possible, however, that the completed product may be considered an "article." An " article" means a manufactured item: (1) which is formed to a specific shape or design during manufacture (2) which has end use function(s) dependent in whole or in part upon its shape or design during end use; and (3) which does not release, or otherwise result in exposure to, a hazardous chemical under normal conditions of use. Any product which meets the definition of an "article," would be exempt from the requirements of the Standard."

You may also wish to explore the info on MSDS at this URL: