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Icon Opulence
ADDED: November 2018 CATEGORY: Product Resources

Golden fall leaves and the recent Met Gala theme has us feeling a little Opulent here at TierraCast...... (read more)

Icon Jade
ADDED: October 2018 CATEGORY: Product Resources

Vintage Chinese artwork has been popular in the Western world for decades, and for good reason...... (read more)

Icon Happy Go Lucky
ADDED: September 2018 CATEGORY: Product Resources

Introducing our happiest collection this year, Happy Go Lucky! ... (read more)

Icon Western Winds
ADDED: August 2018 CATEGORY: Product Resources

Western Winds is an expedition through the southwestern United States, a region known for its arts and crafts...... (read more)

Icon Eastern Path
ADDED: July 2018 CATEGORY: Product Resources

Eastern Path - Japan—Land of the Rising Sun...... (read more)

Icon Worlds Away
ADDED: June 2018 CATEGORY: Product Resources

Worlds Away is an eclectic mini collection encompassing small tokens from traveling the globe...... (read more)

Icon Botanical Birds
ADDED: May 2018 CATEGORY: Product Resources

The Botanical Birds collection is the result of...... (read more)

Icon Caravan
ADDED: April 2018 CATEGORY: Product Resources

Caravan is a mesmerizing journey through the Middle East. The motifs, shapes, patterns, and color palette of this collec... (read more)

Icon Spot & Whiskers
ADDED: March 2018 CATEGORY: Product Resources

In honor of National Pet Month this April, we have dedicated our March mini collection to our beloved pets.... (read more)

Icon Intermix
ADDED: January 2018 CATEGORY: Product Resources

INTERMIX is a collection which taps into the current cultural mood...... (read more)

Icon Soulful Spirit
ADDED: December 2017 CATEGORY: Product Resources

Soulful Spirit was inspired by the richness and traditions of cultures from around the world. ... (read more)

Icon Make A Statement
ADDED: October 2017 CATEGORY: Product Resources

TierraCast® is excited to present our new Make a Statement collection. These beautiful components embody three different... (read more)

Icon Strength & Beauty
ADDED: June 2017 CATEGORY: Product Resources

TierraCast® is excited to present our new Strength & Beauty button and charm collection. Once again this collection is i... (read more)

Icon Dulce Vida
ADDED: April 2017 CATEGORY: Product Resources

TierraCast® is excited to present our new Dulce Vida line. This line of 33 components was born out of Steven Tierra’s im... (read more)

Icon Greek Life and Whats Your Sign
ADDED: February 2017 CATEGORY: Product Resources

TierraCast® is excited to announce two fun and thematic collections of components – Greek Life & What’s Your Sign.... (read more)

Icon You Love & Your Team - Two New Collections that Play Well Together
ADDED: September 2016 CATEGORY: Product Resources

TierraCast® is excited to announce two creatively diverse, yet complementary collections of components – You Love &a... (read more)

Icon Spring 2016 - New Designs, Finish Options New Mixes & More
ADDED: June 2016 CATEGORY: Product Resources

We are bringing in 2016 with a diverse group of products that fill out and complement our recent introductions.... (read more)

Icon you asked we delivered more crystals & gold finishes
ADDED: January 2016 CATEGORY: Product Resources

TierraCast® is excited to announce our fall line for 2015. This collection started to take shape at the beginning of... (read more)

Icon More ways to express who you are
ADDED: October 2015 CATEGORY: Product Resources

TierraCast® is excited to announce our newest line — you, too: more ways to express who you are. This follow-u... (read more)

Icon Components for Earth Day & every day
ADDED: June 2015 CATEGORY: Product Resources

We're pleased to announce our newest collection – your world: components for earth day and every day. Express your appr... (read more)

Icon A collection of symbols & words to express who you are
ADDED: March 2015 CATEGORY: Product Resources

TierraCast® is excited to announce our newest line — you: symbols & words that express who you are. This ... (read more)

Icon Traditional Symbols of Love Continuity & Interconnectedness
ADDED: February 2015 CATEGORY: Product Resources

TierraCast celebrates the endless, interwoven knotwork of ancient European traditions in our new Celtic Collection — a... (read more)

Icon Maker's Collection
ADDED: September 2014 CATEGORY: Product Resources

TierraCast is excited to announce our newest product group: The Maker's Collection. Inspired by Maker culture, this li... (read more)

Icon Leather Findings II - Findings, Components, Precision Tools & Leather

TierraCast is pleased to announce that our Leather Findings product line is growing with 27 cast designs, new rivet si... (read more)

Icon Frightful & Delightful Charms - Holiday Themed Charms You’ll Want to Wear All Year Long
ADDED: January 2014 CATEGORY: 

We are excited to introduce our new Frightful and Delightful charms, which feature fresh takes on traditional Hallowee... (read more)

Icon Beginnings & Endings Collection - Unique Clasps, Hooks & Links for Infinite Design Possibilities
ADDED: August 2013 CATEGORY: Product Resources

Our innovative Beginnings & Endings Collection was created to provide subtle, versatile findings that complement rathe... (read more)

Icon Leather Findings Collection - Leather Crafting Meets Jewelry Making with this New Line
ADDED: July 2013 CATEGORY: Product Resources

Our innovative Beginnings & Endings Collection was created to provide subtle, versatile findings that complement rathe... (read more)

Icon Designer Collection - A Creative Mix of Textured & Elegant Structural Components
ADDED: January 2013 CATEGORY: Product Resources

Form follows function in our Designer Collection. Comprised of textured and elegant components that are both architectur... (read more)

Icon Christmas Past - A Collection of Holiday Components & Charms from Yesteryear
ADDED: February 2012 CATEGORY: Product Resources

This festive line captures the spirit of Christmas in its most idyllic form with designs inspired by Dicken's era motifs... (read more)

Icon What is Lead Free Pewter?
ADDED: October 2011 CATEGORY: Metal Safety

In the early 1990's the term "lead free" pewter was commonly used in the trade, and specifically applied by metal suppli... (read more)

Icon What is Pewter?
ADDED: October 2011 CATEGORY: Metal Safety

Unlike silver and gold, which are pure metals refined directly from ore deposits, pewter is an alloy (a mixture) of meta... (read more)

Icon Alternatives - New Colors for Current Designs
ADDED: April 2011 CATEGORY: Product Resources

Our new Alternatives Collection debuts two highly sought after finishes -- Black and Brass Oxide.... (read more)

Icon 27 New Parts!
ADDED: September 2010 CATEGORY: All Dates

Along with the launch of our new 60 page product catalog, we are releasing 27 new parts... (read more)

Icon Viva Mexicana!
ADDED: May 2010 CATEGORY: Product Resources

Influenced by the folk artistry of Mexico, this collection brings elements of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), Mex... (read more)

Icon The Connections Collection
ADDED: November 2009 CATEGORY: Product Resources

Connect the unexpected; beautifully and professionally with these decorative "bits and pieces" designed for mixed media ... (read more)

Icon Resins & Adhesives Information
ADDED: October 2009 CATEGORY: Product Resources

What resin is best for doming in TierraCast picture frames? What glue do you recommend for adhering Swarvoski® flatb... (read more)

Icon The Meaning of Tattoos
ADDED: October 2009 CATEGORY: Product Resources

As a tattoo symbol, the cherry has come to represent feminine chastity and purity as the fruit ripens on the tree. Once ... (read more)

Icon Storyteller Collection
ADDED: May 2009 CATEGORY: Product Resources

From bone trinkets used to ward off enemies, to ancient Egyptian bracelets believed to identify the wearer in the afterl... (read more)

Icon TierraCast Casting Alloy: Spec Sheets
ADDED: June 2008 CATEGORY: Metal Safety

TierraCast uses "Britannia" casting alloy for all cast pewter findings. This alloy containing tin, antimony, and copper,... (read more)

Icon Keepsake Collection
ADDED: May 2008 CATEGORY: Product Resources

Bridging the gap between crafter and beader, this new line of precious metal plated pewter caters to lovers of easy-to-c... (read more)

Icon Testing for Hazardous Lead Levels
ADDED: April 2008 CATEGORY: Metal Safety

... (read more)

Icon Solutions for Large Hole Beads
ADDED: February 2008 CATEGORY: Product Resources

Lampwork and large-hole beads have long been difficult to use for jewelry makers. Stringing these beads without wobbling... (read more)

Icon Recent California Legislation Regulating Lead Content in Jewelry
ADDED: November 2007 CATEGORY: Metal Safety

California’s landmark legislation regulating lead content in jewelry has not been widely covered in either the jew... (read more)

Icon TierraCast MSDS
ADDED: April 2006 CATEGORY: Metal Safety

TierraCast pewter products do not require Material Safety Data Sheets because they do not contain materials "that may cr... (read more)

Icon All Pewter is Not the Same
ADDED: April 2006 CATEGORY: Metal Safety

There is an increasing interest concerning the presence of lead in pewter alloys, and the potential health hazards of le... (read more)

Icon Federal Recall of Metal Charms
ADDED: April 2006 CATEGORY: Metal Safety

On March 3, 2005, the Associated Press published an article noting the recall of nearly 3 million metal charms from a we... (read more)