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Icon What is Lead Free Pewter?
ADDED: October 2011 CATEGORY: Metal Safety

In the early 1990's the term "lead free" pewter was commonly used in the trade, and specifically applied by metal suppli... (read more)

Icon What is Pewter?
ADDED: October 2011 CATEGORY: Metal Safety

Unlike silver and gold, which are pure metals refined directly from ore deposits, pewter is an alloy (a mixture) of meta... (read more)

Icon TierraCast Casting Alloy: Spec Sheets
ADDED: June 2008 CATEGORY: Metal Safety

TierraCast uses "Britannia" casting alloy for all cast pewter findings. This alloy containing tin, antimony, and copper,... (read more)

Icon Testing for Hazardous Lead Levels
ADDED: April 2008 CATEGORY: Metal Safety

... (read more)

Icon Recent California Legislation Regulating Lead Content in Jewelry
ADDED: November 2007 CATEGORY: Metal Safety

California’s landmark legislation regulating lead content in jewelry has not been widely covered in either the jew... (read more)

Icon TierraCast MSDS
ADDED: April 2006 CATEGORY: Metal Safety

TierraCast pewter products do not require Material Safety Data Sheets because they do not contain materials "that may cr... (read more)

Icon All Pewter is Not the Same
ADDED: April 2006 CATEGORY: Metal Safety

There is an increasing interest concerning the presence of lead in pewter alloys, and the potential health hazards of le... (read more)

Icon Federal Recall of Metal Charms
ADDED: April 2006 CATEGORY: Metal Safety

On March 3, 2005, the Associated Press published an article noting the recall of nearly 3 million metal charms from a we... (read more)