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Our People

The Faces of TierraCast
The Faces of TierraCast
From casting, to inventory, to design, TierraCast's staff is committed to quality product and customer service.

The most well known TierraCast staff members are probably those that receive our customer's orders, answer questions and help resolve any problems. Nicol, Jessica and Denise have both a regular phone presence and handle order related correspondence. Sarah, Kelli and Julie are involved in regular sales and TierraCast trade show appearances.

Behind the few names that comprise "the voice" of TierraCast, over twenty five other people work in production related areas to design, manufacture, package and ship the products we make. An additional ten or so support the whole enterprise through personnel, safety administration, facilities, accounting, graphic design and web development. All in all, close to fifty people bring their combined expertise to work each day, either here in Santa Rosa or around the country as our sales staff travels to visit our customers.

Mario has been working at TierraCast for nearly two decades.

In addition, we also periodically use the talents of independent jewelers to create master patterns for new designs and have developed an extended network of reliable vendors, many of whom have become woven into our business family.

Our staff brings a wide range of experience to their current positions, having variously been either a jeweler in their own right, a maintenance mechanic for a printing company, graphics designer for American Express, or a manager of a truck and trailer rental facility. We've had young people working here at their first job who weren't even born when the company was founded in 1978, as well as a retired city engineer start a second career at TierraCast in his mid '60s.

Pattern Masters
Pattern Masters
With decades of experience & training, Sean, Scott & Chad help create the masters of our TierraCast products.
Pattern Masters
Customer Service
Managing customer service, shipping & inventory, Nicol helps keep our daily processes moving efficiently.